IMA1 S.L are a company committed to the protection and conservation of the Environment, and to carry out this commitment we have implemented a Management System according to the guidelines of the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

From IMA1 we carry out an exhaustive study of our “Environmental Performance”, based on our environmental objectives and goals, as well as our environmental aspects and their associated impacts, establishing from these preventive measures for their minimization or elimination according to the case.

We have established operational controls to control and manage the identified environmental aspects:

  1. Consumption control: resource consumption is counted with the intention of optimizing it as much as possible and reducing the associated environmental impact.
  2. Waste control: the waste generated by our activity is delivered to authorized agent or is transferred for its recovery, always following the principles of minimization, reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery.
  3. Discharge control: all discharge points have been identified and the necessary self-controls are carried out in accordance with the requirement of the discharge authorization.
  4. Emission control: all emission sources have been identified and defined periodic controls are carried out.
  5. Noise control: periodically measurements are made of the noise generated by our activity to verify that the established limits are not exceeded.

Looking for the excellence and thanks to the mastery of our processes, we have been able to implement improvements that allow us to reduce the ratio of energy resources, as well as minimize the hazardous waste generated.

Ratio of hazardous waste generated

  1. Water with oil
  2. Water with detergent
  3. Rags and contaminated materials
  4. Halogenated solvents

Energy resources

  1. Gas
  2. Electricity
  3. Water


Comunicación desempeño ambiental

However, the results of our environmental performance are available to all parties interested in our activity. If you want to know them or make any questions, you can contact our environmental manager.

Burgos, 25/11/2020